Maharajah's Choice
June 2017 winner
M Downie from VIC
May 2017 winner
P Jarrett from QLD
September 2016 winner
Sue from QLD
August 2016 winner
F Ei-assaad from NSW
July 2016 winner
A Kuslap from ACT
December 2015 winner
B Muir from Victoria
November 2015 winner
D Bailey from West Australia
October 2015 winner
C Kluver from South Australia
September 2015 winner
T Pardey from Victoria
August 2015 winner
B Clarke from Queensland
July 2015 winner
J Kingston from Tasmania
June 2015 winner
P Horsfield from Victoria
May 2015 winner
V Nagathota from South Australia
April 2015 winner
L Haar from Victoria
March 2015 winner
S Harrison from Queensland
February 2015 winner
Chann from Victoria
January 2015 winner
G Frazer from Queensland
December 2014 winner
Lynne from New South Wales
November 2014 winner
V Williams from South Australia
October 2014 winner
D Roast from South Australia
September 2014 winner
S Payne from Victoria
August 2014 winner
Ebony from Victoria
July 2014 winner
S Harrison from Queensland
June 2014 winner
L Duncan from New South Wales
May 2014 winner
R Nairn from South Australia
April 2014 winner
K Thackray from Tasmania
March 2014 winner
Monica from Victoria
February 2014 winner
L Flewellen from Victoria
January 2014 winner
J Sydney from New South Wales
December 2013 winner
K Belfall from Victoria
November 2013 winner
A Oates from Victoria
October 2013 winner
E Rowe from Queensland
September 2013 winner
A Bishop from South Australia
August 2013 winner
S James from New South Wales
July 2013 winner
R Hatcher from Victoria
June 2013 winner
K Berryman from New South Wales
May 2013 winner
G Cray from Victoria
April 2013 winner
J Farmilo from New South Wales
March 2013 winner
H Mackenzie from New South Wales
February 2013 winner
K Gamble from Victoria
January 2013 winner
M Davis from New South Wales
December 2012 winner
L Butcher from Victoria
November 2012 winner
M Johns from Victoria
October 2012 winner
L Munro from Victoria
September 2012 winner
Chris Newsome from South Australia
August 2012 winner
Lynne White from New South Wales
July 2012 winner
Natasha Styles from Victoria
June 2012 winner
D Ross from New South Wales
May 2012 winner
R Martyn from New South Wales
April 2012 winner
F Hayes from South Australia
March 2012 winner
Katie Langley from Victoria
February 2012 winner
Aaron Adams from Queensland
January 2012 winner
Daniella Wilkie from Victoria
December 2011 winner
Roseann Bourke from Australian Capital Territory
November 2011 winner
Beck Parker from New South Wales
October 2011 winner
Trevor Bridgman from South Australia
September 2011 winner
S Black from New South Wales
August 2011 winner
E Puszkar from Tasmania
July 2011 winner
S Hutchinson from New South Wales
June 2011 winner
J & C Eager from South Australia
May 2011 winner
Megan Mitchell from New South Wales
April 2011 winner
J McNamara from Queensland
March 2011 winner
Gail Welsh from New South Wales
February 2011 winner
Nancy Brooms from Queensland
January 2011 winner
Fred Van Ross from Victoria
December 2010 winner
Robyn Wainman from New South Wales
November 2010 winner
Mary Ezzey from Queensland
October 2010 winner
Jackie Parkinson from Queensland
September 2010 winner
Margaret Hollis from New South Wales
August 2010 winner
Anna Zuzak from Queensland
July 2010 winner
Chris Moss from Queensland
June 2010 winner
Denny Holberton from South Australia
May 2010 winner
Donna Amey from South Australia
April 2010 winner
Stephen Thomas from South Australia
March 2010 winner
Bill Kelly from New South Wales
February 2010 winner
Robyn Mowlem from New South Wales
January 2010 winner
Harry Leek from Victoria
December 2009 winner
Rachel Evans from New South Wales
November 2009 winner
Sunayana RamMohan from South Australia
October 2009 winner
Hermione Weragoda from Victoria
September 2009 winner
Jodie Matson from Victoria
August 2009 winner
Vaishali Amin from Queensland
July 2009 winner
Penny Schubert from South Australia
June 2009 winner
Jennifer Hill from Victoria
May 2009 winner
John Evans from Tasmania
April 2009 winner
Jon Blackburn from New South Wales
March 2009 winner
Marea Burley from Tasmania
February 2009 winner
Rose Cooper from New South Wales
January 2009 winner
Katrina Pruessner from Victoria
December 2008 winner
Michelle Ward from New South Wales
November 2008 winner
Rochelle Campbell from Western Australia
October 2008 winner
Amanda Williams from Victoria
September 2008 winner
Bill Donnelly from Victoria
August 2008 winner
Amanda Joyce from Queensland
July 2008 winner
Rob Jarman from Queensland
June 2008 winner
Cathy Lambert from Western Australia
May 2008 winner
Michael Proctor from South Australia
April 2008 winner
Kay Bowden from Queensland
March 2008 winner
Warwick Keegan from Queensland
February 2008 winner
Rita Mance from New South Wales
January 2008 winner
Karen Peter from Victoria
December 2007 winner
Joanne Keller from Victoria
November 2007 winner
Vanessa Stewart from Queensland
October 2007 winner
Glenys Nedelkovski from Western Australia
September 2007 winner
Derrick David from New South Wales
August 2007 winner
Richard Jefferys from Queensland
July 2007 winner
Elise Cooper from New South Wales
June 2007 winner
Estelle Hughes from New South Wales
May 2007 winner
Yatta Sture from New South Wales
April 2007 winner
Graham Fenton from Victoria
March 2007 winner
Vikas Sharma from Victoria
February 2007 winner
Megan Ceely from Queensland
January 2007 winner
Maureen George from Victoria
December 2006 winner
Kay Harrison from Victoria
November 2006 winner
Sunny Sharma from NSW
October 2006 winner
Carolyn Byron from Victoria
September 2006 winner
Natalie Mison from ACT
August 2006 winner
Sheryl Allen from Victoria
July 2006 winner
Keryn Walshe from South Australia
June 2006 winner
Mary Sofoulis from Queensland
May 2006 winner
Andros Constantinou from Victoria
April 2006 winner
Chris Ward from Victoria
March 2006 winner
Bing of Victoria
February 2006 winner
Shay Manning of Queensland
January 2006 winner
Belinda Palmer of New South Wales
December 2005 winner
Liz Harffey of New South Wales
November 2005 winner
Barbara Fehmel of Victoria
October 2005 winner
Robyn Barrington of New South Wales
September 2005 winner
Amanda Hartfiel of Queensland
August 2005 winner
Ian Sherb of Victoria
July 2005 winner
Anna Pervez of New South Wales
June 2005 winner
Stella Gravely of Victoria
May 2005 winner
Martin Douglas of Western Australia
April 2005 winner
Alex Williams of Queensland
March 2005 winner
Marcus Demaria of New South Wales
February 2005 winner
Blair Roach of New South Wales
January 2005 winner
L Jones of Queensland
December 2004 winner
P Van Leuveren of Victoria
November 2004 winner
Edwina Kiernan of New South Wales
October 2004 winner
Adele Gorton of New South Wales
September 2004 winner
Shann O'Grady of Victoria
August 2004 winner
Somee Park of Victoria
July 2004 winner
Shaikh Abid Hasan of Victoria
June 2004 winner
Elaine Kimber of Victoria
May 2004 winner
John Ferguson of Queensland
April 2004 winner
Marcus Moloney of Victoria